ICh. Extraordinary Esprit Kalokagathia Fai
Studdog, PRA/CAT negative
miniature, full-teeth, Interchampion, Champion CZ, 4xCAJC, 16xCAC, 2x res.CAC, 6xCACIB, 2xres.CACIB, 12xBOB, BOG, 3xII.BOG, 1xIII.BOG, 2xIV.BOG, BIS, Klub Winner 2004, 2x National Winner , ZN (84), ZV I. prize (168)MSBLJ I.price
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Extraordinary Esprit

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Ch. Jr. Extraordinary Es Anamsunamon
Studdog - evaluation 0c/ALV/5 (now living in France)
Champion CZ, Juniorchampion CZ, Clubwinner 2009, Youthwinner, BOG Junior, II.BIS Junior, res. CACIB, BOB
Fox den trials 84pts.. Trials winner

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ICh. Hyperion Hippo Anamsunamon
C.I.B., C.I.E., Grandchampion SK, CZ, Champion CZ, SK, Juniorchampion SK, CZ, IV. TOP DOG 2009, BIS, 13x BOB, BIG Junior, Fox den trials 84pts.

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Romeo vom Benthener Forst
C.I.B, C.I.E., Champ.CZ,SK,PL, Grandchampion SK, Clubwinner, 9xBOB, 2xBOG, 1xBIS, BZ I.c., Contest in trials on wild boar I.prize - Winner, CPC, Contest in Fox den I.prize, norník, diviačiar
34cm, dark eye, fullteeth

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